Exclusive Real Estate OFFERS
Exclusive Real Estate OFFERS

Ma Cherie

We are beyond excited to introduce you to new, unmatchable taste sensations, coming in the form of our pancakes, waffles, and a lot more! Here at Ma Cherie, we have a very simple goal, which is to make everyone who visits us get the feeling of being at home. Our main tools are fresh ingredients in the hands of creative minds. We have found that fusing home meals and modern cuisine together, creates a fine blend of scrumptious pleasure. It is the combination of our warm interior decoration, alongside a beautiful terrace, surrounded by picturesque sceneries, making it a place that has a unique charm and vibrant energy, and that is essentially guaranteeing you a comfortable and memorable stay.

Opening hours

Every day: 08:00-23:00


Ksenija Building | Village Map

Contact information

Email: porto@macherie.co.me

Website: https://ma-cherie.me/