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Distinct international cuisine

Restaurants in Montenegro

The Porto Montenegro marina village blends international flavours with traditional Mediterranean cuisine to showcase diverse specialties. From Asian fusion to surf and turf, alongside the authentic tastes of Montenegro, some of the best restaurants in Tivat can be found right here on the prestigious Tivat Riviera waterfront.

Indulging in luxury

Fine dining and gastronomy

Perfect for social dining and more intimate rendez-vous, the marina village is home to some of the most upscale waterfront restaurants in Montenegro and the Adriatic, peppered with boutique cafés and bistros. Porto Montenegro’s vibrant promenade is brought to life with the sounds of chatter and chinking glasses as al fresco diners wile away the balmy summer afternoons – the best of fine dining.

Fine dining

Luxury restaurants

Whether you’re meeting with friends for a light seafood lunch or celebrating a special occasion, the selection of restaurants in Porto Montenegro offer dining to cater to all tastes and occasions. The village atmosphere combines gastronomy with community, for a special dining experience in Montenegro.

Frequently asked questions

Most of the village restaurants require a reservation due to their popularity. It is best to make a reservation to avoid disappointment and ensure a pleasant evening.

Most of our restaurants and bars serve a choice of carefully selected regional and international wines. There is also the Crush Wine Station where you can enjoy a selection of cheeses and cured meats whilst wine tasting.

Njegusi prosciutto, local cheeses and seafood specialties are some of the most typical Montenegrin dishes served at a number of our village restaurants.

Most of our restaurants have similar opening hours; some, as early as 7am, and others opening closer to noon. You can definitely expect to find all of our restaurants open ready in time for brunch.

There are several places serving Asian specialties and oriental cuisine – Sumosan is the village Japanese restaurant while Ukemochi offers wok on the go. A new addition is the Ruijin Chinese restaurant, offering a front row view of the marina.

Kafeterija is one of the first full-service coffee chains in Europe – ideal for a morning pick-me-up or re-fuelling from a day of shopping.