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Strategist, a communication practice, joins our ABC family

Strategist, a marketing and communication practice based in Tivat, was one of the first tenants of our newly established Arsenal Business Club. The experienced and enthusiastic team at Strategist uses its analytical instincts to make sure companies and businesses communicate rightly with both their employees, as well as different types of external audiences using online and offline communication channels. The industries they support vary from hospitality, retail culture, to public institutions and international organisations, with whom they work on projects that ensure sustainable and long-lasting results for their businesses and the society they operate in. Furthermore, providing communication support to green and circular economy initiatives is their peculiar passion.


Their work is both international and national, aiming to pick up on current and relevant topics. One such project is an exhibition about the work and life of the famous Montenegrin architect, Svetlana Kana Radević, at this year’s Biennale Architettura in Venice. The goal of the project is to showcase that although working on the periphery of Europe, the relevance of Kana’s work is immense. Additionally, the exhibition picks up on the topic of the role of women throughout history and brings one remarkable female architect back to the spotlight of attention in Montenegro and globally.

Their company policy is to have a strategic approach to the work they do, while at the same time focusing strongly on sustainability and responsibility.


Website: www.strategist.co.me